Veto SB 410 Petition

Petition to Gov. DeSantis:
Save Florida’s Rural Lands from Inappropriate Development and VETO SB 410

Florida Residents!

Please join with us by signing this petition opposing SB 410, Growth Management, which would open up rural lands across Florida for inappropriate development.

During the 2020 Florida Session the Legislature passed SB 410 relating to growth management which was intended in part to circumvent county oversight for a few specific development projects. But if passed into law, SB 410 will undermine local comprehensive planning to protect rural lands in dozens of counties across Florida.

SB 410 alters Florida’s growth management statutes by requiring all local governments to include an element in their comprehensive plans regarding private property rights. This is a costly and unnecessary mandate for local governments, given the existing, strong protections for private property rights in our federal and state constitutions and state law.

Even more damaging, amendments to the bill added in the final days of the session will curtail the authority of most county governments to manage growth within their borders, making residents more vulnerable to negative impacts to their environment, quality of life, property values and tax bills.

Among other things, SB 410 will:

  • Undermine the authority of many county governments to protect rural areas from development, even if voters approved that protection

  • Clear the way for high-density development in designated rural areas, such as the rural area approved by Seminole County voters in 2004

  • Require every local government in Florida to include an unnecessary property rights element in its comprehensive plan which will be costly to prepare and unnecessarily duplicates already-existing state and federal laws

  • Override county limits on development, subjecting our communities and natural lands and waters to damaging impacts

Please protect our natural lands, water resources, quality of life and taxpayer dollars by vetoing SB 410.  Find out more about SB 410 here and other 2020 legislation here.

By signing this petition, I join with citizens from across Florida in urging
Gov. DeSantis to Veto SB 410:

Dear Gov. DeSantis:

I join with other Floridians in signing this petition to urge you to VETO SB 410 to protect our natural lands, water resources, quality of life and taxpayer dollars.