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2022 Webinars

The Economics of Development in Florida with Joe Minicozzi, Part 3

Back by popular demand, Urban3 founder and principal Joe Minicozzi provides Florida-specific information on the types of analysis to undertake to determine the true economic impacts of new development and redevelopment in communities. Drawing on new data from Collier County, West Palm Beach and other communities in Florida and beyond, he explores the types of short and long-term public costs associated with development and anticipated revenue through property taxes and other measures. A pioneer of an approach to planning and city design called Geoaccounting, Mr. Minicozzi demonstrate how cities can use local data and simple math to understand the impact of development on their community economic health. His case studies illuminate how cities and regions can better forecast fiscally sustainable development patterns, in the process protecting sensitive natural lands and waters.

Lessons from the Ocklawaha

The campaign to “Free the Ocklawaha” is moving forward, offering lessons for other parts of Florida.  Dammed in 1968, the iconic Ocklawaha River once connected Silver Springs to the St. John’s River and the Atlantic Ocean.  Free the Ocklawaha River Coalition Chair Margaret Spontak provides an overview of the campaign and recent polling.  Florida Springs Council President Casey Fitzgerald summarizes the environmental benefits of restoration along the 215-mile Great Florida Riverway including Silver Springs and the 20 “lost” springs.  Dominic Calabro, President & CEO of Florida TaxWatch, discusses their recent economic analysis of removing the dam and restoring the flow.  St. Johns Riverkeeper Lisa Rinaman wraps up with a brief review of lessons learned and next steps.  The session will conclude with a question-and-answer period, moderated by Vivian Young, AICP.

Promoting Transportation Equity in Florida

1000 Friends of Florida Board Member Bob Cambric provides a brief overview of why equity has been and continues to be an issue in transportation planning.  Jennifer Marshall, Director for the Florida Department of Transportation Office of Environmental Management, describes steps FDOT is taking to enhance equity within its planning process and an overview of initiatives underway in counties and municipalities across the state. Manatee County Commissioner Reginald “Reggie” Bellamy discusses the Palmetto Trails project, focusing on efforts provide better transportation linkages within an underserved community and promote greater economic vitality. Bob Cambric and Vivian Young, AICP, moderate the question-and-answer session.

2022 Florida Legislative Wrap Up

We experienced significant technical issues with this event.  If you wish to view the broadcast, it would be best to also download the PowerPoint.

The 2022 Florida Legislative Session has significant public policy impacts for planning, conservation, transportation, community resilience and other issues of concern to many Floridians. 1000 Friends Board Member Emeritus and Past Chairman Lester Abberger, President Paul Owens, Policy & Planning Director Jane West, and Outreach Director Haley Busch discussed key bills and budget recommendations related to planning and growth management, conservation, transportation and water that passed and failed during the 2022 Session, including how legislation impacts Florida governance and planning practices.

2022 Florida Legislative Update

1000 Friends Board Member Emeritus and Past Chairman Lester Abberger, President Paul Owens, Policy & Planning Director Jane West, and Outreach Director Haley Busch discuss key bills and budget recommendations related to planning and growth management, conservation, transportation and water that are being considered during the 2022 Session, including how legislation could impact Florida governance and planning practices.

Supporting Land Conservation Initiatives in Florida

This webinar focused on two key land conservation initiatives in Florida and how you can support them. Will Abberger, The Trust for Public Land’s Director for Conservation Finance, addressed the Florida Forever program, our state’s major conservation and recreation lands acquisition program, and how to support more robust funding for this key program during the 2022 Florida Legislative Session. Kent Wimmer, Senior Representative for Defenders of Wildlife, discussed the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership. This coalition of federal agencies, state and local governments, and non-governmental organizations works with private landowners in Florida and across the nation to advance sustainable land management practices around military installations and ranges, including land conservation, agriculture and forestry, and climate resilience. Both of these programs can play a significant role in supporting a more sustainable future for Florida.

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