Sea Level 2070

Sea Level 2070 also reflects the impacts of sea level rise on Florida’s lands and land use over the coming decades and includes two future scenarios:

Sprawl 2070 assumes 2010 densities and patterns of development will continue over the next five decades and also factors in the impacts of sea level rise on Florida’s lands and the resulting need for population relocation.

Conservation 2070 accounts for the same population growth and sea level rise by 2070, but also emphasizes protection of much of the state’s highest priority lands for conservation and assumes that any new development will be 20% more compact.

Under the Sprawl Scenario, by 2070 Florida is projected to have:

  • 12.2 million more residents, a 57% increase over 2019
  • Almost 1.7 million acres lost to sea level rise
  • Almost 1 million residents needing to relocate

But with more sustainable development patterns and significant land conservation, Conservation 2070 could result in:

  • Almost 1.3 million fewer acres of developed land
  • More than 5 million more acres of protected natural land
  • Almost 2.3 million more acres of protected agricultural land

Statewide Scenarios 2070

Statewide 2070 Sprawl

Statewide 2070 Conservation

Panhandle Scenarios 2070

Panhandle 2070 Sprawl

Panhandle 2070 Conservation

Northeast Scenarios 2070

Northeast 2070 Sprawl

Northeast 2070 Conservation

Central Scenarios 2070

Central 2070 Conservation

South Scenarios 2070