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On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 1000 Friends of Florida sent a letter to the Florida Department of Transportation regarding concerns associated with the M-CORES planning process. These relate to numerous requirements in Senate Bill 7068 and sections 338.223 and 339.135, Florida Statutes, applicable to planning for and evaluating the M-CORES corridors.

“Provisions in state law clearly indicate that, among other things, the Task Forces are charged with identifying the need for, economic impacts of, and economic feasibility of their respective M-CORES corridors,” notes Tim Jackson, a transportation planner and long-time member of 1000 Friends’ Board of Directors. “It is imperative that these and other issues be added to the agenda for the next meeting of each of the three task forces to allow time to identify the data needed and timeline to make informed recommendations.” FDOT staff have agreed to meet in late January to discuss these concerns.

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