2022 Legislative Session

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2022 Legislative Session

It’s time already!  The 2022 Florida Legislative Session is slated to start on January 11 and wrap up on March 11, 2022, and we have been busy getting ready.  As always, legislation that empowers citizens, conserves natural lands, protects and restores water quality and promotes water conservation, enhances community resilience, modernizes transportation, upholds home rule, and frees the Oklawaha remain among our highest priorities.

But your active engagement is essential to promote positive change in Florida.  Here’s how you can stay involved:

  • Check out 1000 Friends’ 2022 Legislative Priorities
  • Find out when your County’s Legislative Delegation is meeting so you can share your priorities with your legislators (we continue to update the list of meetings as new information is available)
  • Register for 1000 Friends’ free 2022 Florida Legislative Preview webinar, being held on Wednesday, December 8 from noon to 1:30, Eastern, to find out what is up for consideration
  • Sign up for 1000 Friends’ email alerts to receive the latest information
  • Check this page regularly (once bills are filed related to our priorities we will list information on them below)
  • Donate to 1000 Friends to support our advocay on behalf of the citizens of Florida!  (if you prefer, you can make a monthly donation of $5 or more to support us throughout the year)

We thank you for partnering with us to foster a better future for Florida!

As soon as pending legislation of interest is filed, we will post information below.
Please check back regularly for updates!