Close to 90% of all Floridians live in or are within 20 miles of the Florida Wildlife Corridor, a visionary 18-million-acre network of interconnected lands and waters which protect our drinking water, connect wildlife habitat, support agriculture, and afford critical ecosystem services.  How can we help conserve the 8 million acres of the Corridor most vulnerable to development? 

Photo Credit: Adam Bass

Planning to Protect the Florida Wildlife Corridor Seminar
Broadcasts and PowerPoints

A series of leaders share community planning and land conservation strategies to protect the CorridorCheck out their presentations: 

Looking at the Big Picture 

What is the Florida Wildlife Corridor, and why is landscape-scale conservation essential for its future? 

Fostering Community Vision 

What regional efforts are protecting Florida’s natural and agricultural lands through sound community planning? 

The Planning Toolbox 

Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of myriad planning tools available to promote healthy communities and rural lands in Florida. 

Building a Big Tent 

How do the economics of development impact Florida’s rural lands, and how can we forge partnerships between agricultural interests, conservationists, landowners, elected officials, and others to protect the Corridor?