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Protecting Palm Beach County

Since its inception, 1000 Friends of Florida has been actively involved in promoting smarter growth and protected natural areas in Palm Beach County to enhance the quality of life for residents and protect significant natural lands key to guarding the region’s drinking water and sustaining the iconic Everglades.

Over the years, 1000 Friends has advocated for compatible development in urban areas and the protection of rural lands. 1000 Friends successfully led the Palm Beach County campaign to relocate Scripps Florida from an inappropriate rural location on the fringes of the Everglades to a cost-effective urban site close to existing roads and other infrastructure, is a tireless advocate for protecting the Everglades Agricultural Area, and opposes other inappropriately sited sprawling development in rural areas.

Protecting Palm Beach

Photo by Vivian Young

Palm Beach County 2070

Palm Beach 2010 Base Line
Palm Beach 2070 Trend
Palm Beach 2070 Alternative

The 2016 study, Florida 2070/Water 2070, reveals that if Florida does not change the way it develops, by 2070 more than a third of Florida’s lands could be paved over, with development-related water demand more than doubling. A more sustainable alternative shows that if Florida follows compact development patterns and increases the amount of land conserved, it will save 1.8 million acres of land from development and conserve an additional 5.8 million acres of natural and agricultural land, while still accommodating the same growth in population. Using more compact development patterns and a modest 20 percent increase in water conservation will reduce water demand by more than a quarter in 2070 but, given many areas of the state are already experiencing water shortages, this is clearly not enough.

What are the implications of Florida 2070/Water 2070 for Palm Beach County? Using moderate population growth projections, Palm Beach County will need to accommodate more than three-quarters of a million new residents between 2017 and 2070 through a combination of infill and new development. Given that projection, what we do now to make Palm Beach County significantly more sustainable in 2070?

Palm Beach Planning

Palm Beach County in 2070

On Friday, October 5, 2018, 1000 Friends of Florida and the North County Neighborhood Coalition of Palm Beach County held a day-long workshop, Palm Beach County 2070: Planning Today for a Better Tomorrow. More than 70 planners, developers, conservationists, citizens and other parties convened to address how to create a more sustainable future for Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County 2070: What’s Next?, facilitated by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, was held on November 27, 2018.

Check out the report, Planning Today for a Better Tomorrow: Palm Beach County in 2070, the presentations given during the two workshops, and the final report, Palm Beach County 2070: What’s Next?

These events were sponsored by the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties and the Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation.

Palm Beach County 2070: Planning Today for a Better Tomorrow

Here are links to the PowerPoint presentations given during the day-long workshop on October 5, 2018:
Palm Beach County 2070: An Overview
What are the findings of Florida 2070/Water 2070 and what are the implications for land development and water demand in Palm Beach County?

Palm Beach County 2070 — Paul Owens, President, 1000 Friends of Florida

The Perspective from Municipalities
How does the approach to planning for growth in Palm Beach County’s cities differ from the approach at the county level? Where are they similar? How is the cities’ approach faring?

Raphael Clemente, Downtown Development Director, West Palm Beach

Natalie Crowley, Planning Director, Palm Beach Gardens

Tim Stillings, Planning Director, Delray Beach

Where do we go from here?
What have we learned about the long-term challenges from growth facing Palm Beach County’s environment, economy, and quality of life? What additional information, and additional resources, do we need to lay the groundwork for better policies and programs? What can we do to educate county residents and galvanize elected officials to respond?
Palm Beach County 2070: What’s in the Plans
What’s in Palm Beach County’s current long-range land use, water resource and transportation plans and can they be adapted to promote greater sustainability?

Land-use planning — Bryan Davis, Planning Department, Palm Beach County

• Water planning – Richard Walesky, Board Member, Sustainable Palm Beach County, and former Director, PBC Environmental Resources Management

Transportation planning – Nick Uhren, Executive Director, Palm Beach County Transportation Planning Agency

Developers Weigh In
What are the challenges and opportunities for infill and new development from the perspective of developers or their representatives?

Timothy Hernandez, Principal, New Urban Communities

Xavier Iglesias, Senior Project Manager, DPZ CoDesign

• Andy Amoroso, City Commissioner and CRA Liaison, Lake Worth

The Economics of Clean Water and Conservation
With Florida’s toxic algae in the headlines across the nation, what are the impacts on the local economy and what must we do to address this and other environmental crises? Can effective responses on the local level make up for inaction on the state level? 

Chuck Collins, Executive Director, Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County

Katie Carpenter, Producer, Protect Your Water video series

• Tom Twyford, President, West Palm Beach Fishing Club

Palm Beach County 2070: What’s Next?

1000 Friends of Florida and the North County Neighborhood Coalition co-hosted the evening workshop, Palm Beach County 2070: What’s Next?, on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. We thank Tom Lanahan and Kim Delaney of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council for facilitating these events. Here are links to the PowerPoint presentations and final report:

Palm Beach County 2070: What’s Next? 1000 Friends of Florida President Paul Owens

Talking to Government, 1000 Friends of Florida Planning and Policy Director Thomas Hawkins

Palm Beach County 2070:  What’s Next? Report