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Free Brevard 2070 Virtual Workshop on October 28, noon to 2:00 p.m.

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The 2016 Florida 2070/Water 2070 study reveals that if Florida does not change the way it develops, by 2070, more than a third of Florida’s lands could be paved over, with development-related water demand more than doubling. What does Florida 2070/Water 2070 mean for Brevard County? Using moderate population growth projections, Brevard will need to accommodate more than three-quarters of a million residents by 2070.

Given that projection, what can we do now to make Brevard County significantly more sustainable in 2070? 1000 Friends of Florida and our partners at the Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition will dive into this topic on October 28, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. Register for Brevard 2070: Planning Today for a Better Tomorrow to participate in an online workshop exploring development trends, alternative growth options, as well as policy recommendations for smart growth.

Come prepared to share your thoughts via interactive surveys and ask our presenters questions in the Q&A session.  Register now for the free October 28 virtual workshop. Professional certification credits are not being offered for this event.

Advocating for Brevard County

Home to Florida’s Space Coast, this elongated county encompasses a range of coastline renowned for many natural gems including the northern section of the Indian River Lagoon, habitat for more than a hundred threatened or endangered plant and animal species, and over 62 miles of public use trails. All of these features and more make Brevard County a special place to live and work.

As an attractive county to move to, Brevard is feeling the impacts of a rising population through higher occurrences of traffic congestion and increasing amounts of stormwater runoff from urban surfaces. Development pressures are intensifying, as are the impacts to lands and water supply and quality.

1000 Friends of Florida and our partners launched the Brevard 2070 project to foster a community dialogue and begin a visioning process for a sustainable future for all who call Brevard home.

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Brevard 2070 Maps

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Brevard 2010 Baseline
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