Dr. John M. DeGrove

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The Father of Growth Management

An icon of comprehensive planning and growth management, both in Florida and across the nation, Dr. John M. DeGrove was known for his unfailing and practical optimism. Throughout his life he firmly believed that effective land use planning programs could address and overcome the many development decisions that resulted in detrimental and costly impacts to his beloved Florida.

As one of the founders of 1000 Friends of Florida, he always promoted a strong adherence to the sound principles of growth and development decision making to protect the environment, reduce taxpayer burdens for citizens and keep our economy strong.

In 1983, he accepted then Governor Bob Graham’s invitation to become Secretary of Florida’s land planning agency, the Department of Community Affairs. His academic credentials, coupled with a keen political awareness, allowed him to lead the effort that resulted in passage of the 1985 Growth Management Act. He was a fierce defender of this comprehensive legislation that continues to shape our surroundings to this day.

Dr John M. DeGrove

Dr. John M. DeGrove, 1924 – 2012

But he did more than simply inspire others to follow him. He laid the solid foundation for all citizens to expect that their elected government can and should hold development interests accountable for their impacts. This legacy will continue to serve Florida well now and in the future. Upon his passing, 1000 Friends instituted the Dr. John M. DeGrove Webinar Series to honor his passion for planning and education. We hope you’ll join us at one or more of these free and informative events.


Dr. John M. DeGrove: Shaping a Better Future for Florida

Recognized as the “father of growth management,” Dr. DeGrove was an influential force in shaping the planning process in our state and many other states across nation. This 2014 webinar focused on his lasting accomplishments and how his principles can continue to be followed as Florida once again faces increasing growth pressures and mounting environmental crises. Also check out 1000 Friends of Florida 2012 DeGrove Newsletter and DeGrove Slide Show.

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